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Practice Areas


At Horton & Associates we offer a wide range of legal services.

Family Law
Divorce does not have to be a drawn-out, emotionally charged legal battle punctuated by spiteful reprisals and huge attorneys’ fees. At Horton & Associates, we strive to keep this difficult process as amicable, stress-free, and inexpensive as possible.

A divorce involves three main issues: the property settlement, custody of children, and financial support. Our job is to protect your interests in each of these areas. Our philosophy is to avoid unnecessary animosity and litigation by bringing both people to agreement through mediation and negotiation whenever possible. When divorce cases must be resolved in court, however, we are very tough-minded in defending our clients’ positions.

Estate Planning and Probate
At Horton & Associates we work with you to make sure your estate plan simplifies things when you pass on. If all you need is a will, we work with you to make sure your possessions go to the people you want to have them. But if your estate plan requires more than a simple will, we will help you to choose a trust or other entity that will take care of your loved ones after you have passed on.

Real Estate 
Whether you are a residential or commercial real estate lessor, buyer, or seller, you need to protect your real estate investment and ensure that any transaction goes through without costly surprises. The Altus and Mangum, Oklahoma, law offices of Horton & Associates represent property owners in a variety of real estate transactions and litigation disputes.

Trusts can be a valuable tool in making sure that your hard earned assets are protected or that your loved ones are taken care of when you pass on. Trusts, which come in a wide variety of types, hold legal title to the property of one person for the benefit of that person or another party. There are a variety of trusts, such as charitable trusts, life insurance trusts, living trusts, asset protection trusts, and educational trusts.

Upon the death of a loved one, it is often frustrating for families to deal with the legal issues involved in settling the decedent’s affairs. Probate and estate administration does not have to be an intimidating and confusing process. Let Horton & Associates put their experience to work and help you process the details of your probate proceedings.

General Civil Practice
We represent clients in hearings, trials and appeals in both state and federal court, as well as before administrative and regulatory agencies. We also provide successful negotiation, mediation and arbitration of settlement to secure the appropriate result. In those cases where a trial becomes the only available option to protect our client’s interests, we have litigation experience in civil, banking, corporate, contract, construction, insurance, estate, medical malpractice, personal injury, real property, tax, zoning and land use cases.

We have the experience and expertise to handle anything from negotiating a wind lease on your land to representing banks in legal actions.

Business Entities and Transactions 
Acquiring or starting a business involves many legal issues that have importance today and in the future. The law firm of Horton & Associates will assist you in starting or acquiring your new business in Southwest Oklahoma.
But, legal issues don’t end once you are a business owner. We will continue to provide legal support for as long as you own your business.

Interstate Custody 
Even if you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse get along now, disagreements over child custody could cause your working relationship to quickly deteriorate.

At the Law Offices of Horton & Associates, we are familiar with the tactics used to gain the upper hand in custody disputes. We will use our knowledge and experience to help you protect your rights and look out for the best interests of your child. While most child custody disputes are part of a divorce, we also represent grandparents, stepparents, and others who may have parental rights.

Service men and women facing court martial or other disciplinary actions need an attorney who understands the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). Moreover, they need an attorney who can act on their behalf without regard for their own military career. At the Law Offices of Horton and Associates, in Altus and Mangum, Oklahoma, we have the skill and the experience to handle military law issues for clients in all branches of military service.

City governments face complex legal issues that are as significant as any faced by the business community, and, in addition, cities have the added burdens of complying with laws that pertain only to governmental operations and responding to their constituencies. Horton & Associates provides both City Attorney and Outside Counsel services on specialized municipal legal issues across Southwest Oklahoma.

Personal Injury 
The reason you contact a local personal injury lawyer when you’ve been hurt is because you need help. Whether it’s dealing with the insurance company after a car accident or other personal injury, you need an attorney to help sort through the mess. It’s that simple.

Aviation Law 
Aviation law governs the operation of aircraft and the maintenance of aviation facilities. These laws are regulated by administrative agencies in both federal and state governments. Horton & Associates represent pilots and businesses in all areas of aviation practice including: securitization of collateral, aviation collateral, pilot representation, and aviation conflicts.

Criminal Defense 
When you ask the average person about serious crime, they don’t usually talk about traffic tickets. Most people don’t even know that a DUI and drunk driving is a serious offense that can land you in jail. For most of our clients, this ticket is their first and only contact with the criminal justice system.

Or at times family and criminal matters intersect. Sometimes in a divorce, a spouse may accuse you of criminal activity. Rather than trying to find another lawyer, Horton & Associates has the skills and experience to defend you on criminal charges as well. Criminal defense cases we handle range from drug possession, assault/domestic violence, to restraining order violations and minor in possession of alcohol.

No one wants to end up on the wrong side of the law, but when you do, Horton & Associates is there to help.